Monday, July 6, 2009

After a week...

So, finally checking back in and getting back on top of it. I have decided the hip REALLY needs its break, so I am resting it and turning to some other forms of exercise besides running. The routine will be as follows (it kills me to write this.. makes it real that I honestly have to chill on the running front):
M: Walk/Abs/Shred/Burn and Firm, whatever combination I like for at least 1 hour
T: Morning SWIM!
W: Cycling or Swim
Th: Morning swim
F: Cycling or AM gym!
S: Yoga
Su: Walk/Hills/Cycling

So, at least this should help me train for the tri if I can run by then. HOPEFULLY HOPEFULLY HOPEFULLY!

Also, on the sugar front: 4 a week doesn't work for me. SO, I'm starting a little South Beach slim down. Nothing major, but I am seriously cutting back my carbs, for at least 1 week and I'm looking forward to the challenge. I will be updating.
Food today:
B: 1/3 whole wheat pita with low fat Swiss and turkey pepperoni
S: Cherries! (I eat fruit on low-carb... it's silly not to and it's not my problem area)
L: Whole Wheat pita, veggies, cheddar cheese (yum)
S: Cherries

Dinner will be a veggie burger salad I think...

Wahoo. Let's get it done!

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