Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Food Inc.

Warning: this is a public service announcement. I don't know what you know about it, but Food Inc. is a tremendously good film that anyone living and eating in the US should see. It is one of the most important social, political, environmental films made thus far. I'm not sure how their team legally producedthe film, as the industries in question have more rights than the government (thanks to veggie libel laws).
I'm not sure any movie has had a more significant impact on me. But this is more effective and better formed than Michael Moore, Thank you for smoking, better than Columbine, better than an Inconvenient Truth (so long as everyone SEES it). It reveals some of the most fundamental facts that we aren't aware we're not aware of. Read that again. For example, what did you have for dinner? Did it include meat, industrial cheese, soy, hydrogenated oil? Then it quite likely contained products patented by Monsanto Corp. A corporation that owns 90% of the soybeans in the country and has a say in how, where, and who grows soybeans.

This is a process of eliminating diversification, leaving us more susceptible to infections brought on by thing that shouldn't be in our food in the first place. Food Inc., questions the very HOW and WHY of our entire food system. Most importantly perhaps is that it highlights WHY we know nothing about the detrimental nature of the industries. The veggie libel laws allow complete anonymity and opaqueness throughout the large industries controlling our food.

Off the charts. For a very thorough review of the whole movie, you can see my friend's review here:

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