Sunday, August 23, 2009

Riding and Eating!

SIGNED up for a tri!! I should probably mention that for a little context. It's a mini!! 1/3 mi. swim, 11 mi. bikes, 3 mi run.

So, yesterday Powderhouse and I got up at 7am to prep for our ride. We had a little apple and pb, and blueberries fresh picked! It was delightful. We headed out with another friend around 7:30. As soon as we got on the path I kicked it up and notch and rode the 11 miles in around 50 minutes. Not bad for tired legs... I need to stretch more!! We swam the mile in pieces- 15 mins/half. So, I think I'm looking around around 10 minutes for 1/3 but hopefully faster. My goal is to finish the run and swim in my triathlon in an hour.

I came home and was totally pooped. I ate half my huge wrap from Dave's Fresh Pasta, then a bunch of candy, then passed out. Luckily my breakfast was my 100% all healthy meal of the day. Later, frisbee and I went out to one of my favorite Mexican places where I got a huge chopped salad with cheese and hotsauce. It was SO good! Happy Sunday morning.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Oops... and back on wagon

Did NOT take my advice and had some cereal for breakfast. However, dinner was healthy and delish! Salad with steamed brocc. SO good. So, 300 cals of cereal and I'm ready to go to work. Bringing little snacks to work instead fo a big meal.. I think that might help curb the crazy carb cravings... CCCs.

Breakfast: 300 (cereal)
Snack: 200 (fruit and yogurt)
Lunch: 120 (fiber bar)
-620, a little high...

It probably ended up much closer to 700, which was fine. Especially because I busted out 5 miles at the gym today... outside was UNbearable.

So, next up- dinner! SUSHI! in fact. I haven't had sushi in forever. And it's going to be the FIRST of my new goal series. I know these restarts are silly, and it means I don't stick through with much, but this one I can do. It's 100% healthy, once a day. That's no extra, no dessert, nothing unnecessary. And it's ONLY once a day and can be more if I CHOOSE. That means, the extra HELPING of cereal in the morning would not count, that half (whole) piece lemon cake after lunch! would not count! (that was yesterday.... ). But tonight will be all healthy and I'm excited. I'm excited to do this once a day. Make it count! I want to be ready to fly on my bike ride tomorrow!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A different kind of day

So far so good. I've eaten a bit too much cereal in the past few days, but I've been balancing out in other ways-- upping my fruit for example. However, I'm learning that I am on a serious sugar binge right now and I need to re-moderate my intake. So that is what I am doing today-the weekend.
Breakfasts: eggs, veggies and cheese! Not cereal (just a little too much refined carbs)
Lunch: Create better salads and I will actually eat them!
Dinners: Mahi Mahi burgers, veggie burgers on whole wheat bread!

I know that my workout schedule is getting better and including more runs so I am going to need to fuel with carbs, I just have to be better about choosing the right ones. Dinner last night = pb & j, milk and chocolate cookies from Trader Joes. Not great, but not terrible.

Today's eats:
Coffee Cake (what ?? stupid office breakfast)
Cereal (so it hasn't been a great day...)

Gotta get back on the veggie track!

Exercise: Swam a good workout for 1.5 hours this morning-- 3300 yards

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Leaf!

Ok, here I go! Turning a new leaf. It's been about 2 weeks of CRAPTASTIC eating! I have just allowed myself to seep into binging and I don't like it. And starting this morning, I refuse to give into another binge.

1 peach: 80 cal.
1 granola bar: 130 cal.
Nibbles of cheese and turkey: 60 cal.
= 260 cal.

1/2 bag of ricecakes: 45 cal.

Lettuce wraps: 3 @ 80-100 cal. each = 300 cal.

Afternoon snack:
Peach = 80 cal.

Total before dinner: about 650 cal.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Counting and Changing

Lately, as I've noted before, sugars have been getting the best of me. Around this time last year I did a low-carb 2 weeks and I've decided to try that again... starting today. That would be NOT yesterday wherein I had cake, ice cream and more... So starting today I'm just going to shoot for the things I allowed myself in those 2 weeks, namely: cheese, meat, eggs, VEGGIES galore! and... no sweets except FRUIT (I'm not going super low carb). I will allow a dark chocolate kiss at night. I'm going to actively try to get this done... we will see. I have a meeting tonight and I'm sure there will be snacks, so I need to just steer clear if I can. Otherwise, life is great. I am excited for the weekend-- Friday might bring a viewing of Julia and Julie or a trip to NH or a party!? Then Saturday is hiking in NH and GRE study and Sunday is a bike ride and hopefully a swim, too. This morning practice kicked my butt but I went a 1:02 in my 100 free time trial! Craziness!

Food so far today:
Blueberries: 150 cals
Lil bite of swiss cheese: 30 cal
Bit of turkey: 20 cal
= 200 cal breakfast, perfecto.