Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's been a while...

Since the last post. But, that's ok. I've actually been feeling much more on top of things since the disaster of the GRE's that took place on Monday. I'm going to try a bit of an experiement. I've actually been tracking my food for a while now and I'm about +100 calories above what I should be, daily. I want to reign in that last 100. It won't be easy because they happen in small bites here and there. But the goal is NO more eating without a plate and a plan. So, to that end, no noshing whilst cooking, but COOK! I haven't been cooking much, just grilling sandwiches and such, so I need to step back from that, make some stews, and chickpea dishes that will stick around for a while, but I'll handle that later. For now, no noshing without a purpose. Last night's massive amount of food was pretty intense and I still had a huge lunch today. Onwards and upwards.

Friday, October 9, 2009

3 weeks to go!

And, I'm down a few pounds! I'm not going to go crazy and say I've definitely LOST those pounds for good, but 122 is much nicer than 125 and my belly (which shows softness VERY easily) looks a little leaner. So, I'm feeling much better.

I've been eating pretty clean all week, but possibly a little low on veggies, for me anyway. I'm big into veggies normally. But allowing myself carbs in the form of whole wheat breads has been an interesting experience. It has DEFINITELY cut DOWN on my desire for sweet stuffs, which I was having a hard time with. I love starting my day with some carbs that are not endless bowls of cereal! Instead, I simply have 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with Laughing Cow Cheese and Turkey. And I am FULL until lunch! It's been great. I've been able to say NO to more sweets simply by allowing myself whole, real foods. And, weight has come off too. Not as easily as when I had 2 apples and some cheese for an entire day (I've done that a number of times...) but it's coming off much more sustainably. And hey, I'm all about sustainability.

So, I have 4 weeks until my half marathon and I am hoping to be down to 118 by then. I'm shooting for about 1200-1400 calories per day with exercise on most days, as well. Hopefully that kind of consistency will show in a few weeks!

Today was half a LUNA bar before a 10!! mile run with Jess.
Then, 1 english muffin toasted with Laughing Cow and DELISH deli turkey from WF. Yum! No snack required! Ready for lunch in an hour or so :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

22 days left!

My 30 day challenge is going well. I haven't had any binges! I've gotten the sweet count down... some. I could use more work though, did NOT say no to Apple Crisp in the office yesterday! Grrrr. Have to work on that. But feeling good and strong today, hills this morning and a swim tonight! need to get back to GRE studying too!

Eating for today:
Apple and yogurt
Soup and Cheese
Broccoli + 1 slice pizza + ice cream (little too much sugar here...)

Seems to add up to about 1400 calories according to daily plate, which I like for a counting mechanism.

Working out:
Morning hills!
PM Swim!

Getting into bed at 10, probably asleep by 11?
Wahoo! Pretty good day.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 27

Recap: Yesterday was ... ok. I hate a little too much because I was craving the carbs I wasn't "eating." Except I did eat some. I had chocolate.. twice. That might have to be part of this plan... it's just hard for me to totally relinquish it. So I ended up eating:
Egg and cheese wrap (egg whites, 200 cal)
Chocolate covered pretzels (i know... really? 100 cal)
Soup 160 cal (and bite of chili, 40 cal)
500 cal

Then got weirdly hungry after a stgressful day at work. Not great. Had a bit of LUNA cookie thing... and bite of banana.

Dinner was awesome though, salmon, 2 cups of broccoli and pineapple.

De-lish. Also red wine.. not a stellar day, but hit the gym and got in a 1.5 hr workout, so that was a good balance too.

Today's plan:
3 slices of mango
10 mile run
brunch smoothie
Goodwill/Target run
Party time...

We'll see how this goes!

Friday, October 2, 2009

28-day Challenge

I'm starting a 4 week challenge. I want to be a little lighter on my feet for my half marathon and so I'm going to try a lower-carb plan for 4 weeks. This does NOT mean no carb, not even a tiny bit close.

Foods allowed:
Fruit (not usually included tons of carbs.. but necessary for a healthy diet of running)
Low-carb wraps


I've just noticed that it's predominantly sugar that is my weakness, my trigger I might call it and I need to reign it in. So that's my plan. Cut out my processed and unprocessed sugar intake and cut down my binges.
Hopefully this helps!

Day 1 (27 days to go) Stats
Wt: 123.4
Pics (taken weekly)
Menu plan:
b: egg whites, cheese on half wrap
l: soup
s: jello cup
d: salad with beans, chicken, avocado and ginger dressing
d: jello cup

Hopefully I can hang with this one. Just 4 weeks! There will be some ups and down, but the point is that I'm not doing some low carb plan that cuts everything out, just a plan that cuts out my triggers.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Counting is funny

I keep these "day 1" blog pieces. Which are just very funny... because there is rarely anything beyond 4-5 days. But it's a process. I am trying to do 40-1.5hrs of working out 5 days per week. And just trying to eat healthily... fewer binges, more real food, and few desserts-- but I am going to purchase some much needed pumpkin ice cream to keep my sanity :)

Today has been a random mix of food. Lunch was a salad, snack of dried fruit, hard boiled egg and 100 calorie pack of honey grahams... hmmm. Too much perhaps :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 1, again, for real.

Let's see if I can keep this up for a week straight finally.

Breakfast: Clif Kids bar, 130cal.
Coffee black, 10 cal.

Veggie Chili: 300 cal (ish)
Banana: 100 cal

540 cal. pre dinner. let's just get through the afternoon!

Crackers x 1000! Oops! 200 cal.
Broccoli and cheese- 200 cal.
Yogurt: 100 cal
500 cal minimum.

1200 at least, I'm sure...