Thursday, July 16, 2009

I heart Thursdays

So, today has been off to a good start. I began with an AM swim practice: 3350 yards. Came into ano ffice full of bagels. While I love bagels, I tend to munch through them somewhat mindlessly. So I managed to have just 1/4 of a bagel with cream cheese and a plum for breakfast. I've got some fruit for lunch, but I'll probably need a bit more so I'll figure it out then. But in general, as part of my "whole foods" endeavor, I am cutting down on my snacking significantly. It helps when I eat fewer carbs and as I said yesterday, fewer fruits (because they're so easy to over-eat), but one step at a time. I'll need to leave room for a snack at 3pm to get ready for my bike ride after work! Very exciting.

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