Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What a day...

So, I'm definitely having a harder time at the moment. The hip is rather sore, so I haven't run in 2 days and don't plan to today either. I am, however, going to do some power yoga! I'll have to report back later. Today, foodwise, has not been terrible:
Breakfast = Kashi Chocolate Coconut bar, 3 oz. fat free vanilla yogurt
Lunch = Asparagus, Chicken, 3-4oz. of pasta. Yummy, but I am very full from the higher fat content than I'm used to in the middle of the workday. Definitely slows me down...

Dinner will be: delish spicy black bean burger, fat free cheddar, on whole wheat toast post-yoga. I am really looking forward to it! I find that helps a lot-- if I plan something to eat that I am genuinely excited about, I will be able to hold off on the useless snacks before the meal. In general, part of my plan to lose these 10 lbs is to cut down on my snacks. I know snacks are generally a good thing, but I have been really overdoing it lately, so I am making my meals a little more substantial and the snacks less often.

Here's to a good hip stretch at yoga and delish dinner!

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