Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 1: So this is new...

I'm embarking on a little journey I'm calling Run, Eat, Love, Play. The goals of which are the following:
1. Prepare for my first half marathon: September 6th! Covered Bridges in NH.
2. Complete (yep, that's all!) my first triathlon August 9th. (Lowell YMCA Tri)
3. Eat in a way that is for a fit person... currently, it's just messy. (I'll explain)
4. Be super appreciative of my truly fantastic boyfriend and friends... (Background to follow)
5. Try to relax on the planning front and enjoy more about TODAY.

Those are the main goals for the summer of 2009. I'm excited to begin this little journey and in order to keep myself honest, I'll be posting on this as a food and exercise journal as well as my random thoughts about friends, love, and life.

I'm Julia. I live and work in Cambridge, MA. I run a bunch, but this is very very new for me. I've been running for less than a year and while I enjoy it, I have a lot of improvement to make! I am a shortie, but I'm also rather athletic, which makes weight a delicate issue. I'm currently about 10 pounds heavier than I would like to be so my other goal this summer is to lose those extra pesky pounds. Setting my mind to that goal will be helpful, as my diet is a little rough right now. I don't really restrict myself because I have pretty healthy tendencies, but I have unhealthy ones too... so the first thing I need to do is cut down my processed sugar count and buff up my protein, whole grain and healthier parts in my diet.

In other news, I live amongst a number of good friends. Cast of characters:
Midwest: is my roommate, good guy, but cleaning habits can drive me nuts. Luckily he's away on business a lot.
RunJess: is my running buddy who lives closeby. She's been a great addition to my life and keeps me doing more workouts than I ever would have done on my own.
CrazyLady: is actually another running buddy- an older friend at work who *can* be very intense, but is generally just a unique individual who adds to my life, she's also a fast runner and luckily tolerates my slowness.
Frisbee: though he could go by many names, this will be the tag for the boyfriend. He lives on the cape and he rocks my world. He runs, plays frisbee and works for an enviro non-prof.
Teacher: is a friend who just moved to town. Very good college friend/roommate with whom I have weekly dinners. She's honest and tells it like it is, not sure I've ever had a better friend.
Powdergirl: is another college friend with whom I spend a lot of time. She lives over near Powderhouse Blvd, hence the name. Another very good friend I'm lucky to have in the area.
Pescatarian: is a friend of Frisbee, the boyfriend. Pesc and I became friends pretty easily and the fact that we can actually piss each other off through chat conversation makes me think I might mention him on here. Genuinely good guy though...

I think I'll leave it at that. O

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