Friday, June 19, 2009

Training Schedule

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This is mostly to keep me on track, at the very minimum, but this is my training schedule for this summer up until Race day.

Workout: 40 minutes on the bike, abs, push ups (a few...)
Food: Disaster, as per usual for some reason. Having been up since 3:45am (ugh, bad sleeping patterns for the last few months...), I was rather hungry when I got back from the gym. So I gorged a little on a smoothie, cool whip and chocolate milk. Nothing particularly bad per se, but too much of all of it. I need to remind myself to slooooow down when I eat! Off to work!

**Afternoon update:
Food: Leftovers for lunch! Had a nice mix of whole wheat pasta, homemade spaghetti sauce with tomatoes, beans, broccoli and spices and a healthy dose of cottage cheese for some protein that really tided me over. Off to do laundry and read for the evening with some wine and hopefully a movie with my new DVD player! w00t!

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