Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sugar, and its evilness.

So, the more we learn about sugar, the more it comes out that it should basically just be a special addition to a diet, very sparingly and certainly FAR from a staple. A recent Princeton Study has revealed even more about the serious nature of sugar's addictive qualities. Hoebel, one of the principal investigators has shown that rats eating large amounts of sugar when hungry, a phenomenon he describes as sugar-bingeing, undergo neurochemical changes in the brain that appear to mimic those produced by substances of abuse, including cocaine, morphine and nicotine. Sugar induces behavioral changes, too. "In certain models, sugar-bingeing causes long-lasting effects in the brain and increases the inclination to take other drugs of abuse, such as alcohol," Hoebel said.
Wow. So, if sugar just tastes and feels good, maybe the science behind its damage will be helpful in slowing down my intake. I think reading this article helps!

So, today my goals (with my general summer goals in mind!) are:
1. LESS sugar. No, not NO sugar, but certainly less. Eggwhite omelet lunch, for example, not the "light cake"(see below) I made last night.
2. Long run. My hip is feeling better, so it's back to running! Just a nice one around the Charles.
3. Laundry! Need to do it, and I actually enjoy getting my laundry done.
4. While laundry is going, finish cleaning my room.
5. Read Kite Runner, it's so good just need to make time for it!

Had a very nice evening last night, some of the details are as follows:
1. One glass of a new red wine: a purple labeled Shiraz which I won't get again...
2. One piece of "light cake":
1 mix Angel Food Cake (baked in 2 cake pans)
1 container Cool Whip Free (sugar/fat free)
1 box chocolate pudding (sugar/far free)

Bake cakes, apply icing! Add fresh strawberries or bananas, if inclined. Totally delicious, but enough sweetness to make you want a little too much.
3. Ate too much in general, and felt it falling asleep and waking up... I need to work on this.

So, here's to a better day (eating wise!)!

*Afternoon update:
Half ww wrap with
2 oz. chicken
1 oz. fat free cheddar
Habanero salsa
1 small piece of cake :)

Nice run! About 5 miles total, with a little walking in the middle through Life is Good Fair, which was very fun. I went on the run with Nice Guy... (see cast of characters...). It was a good tempo and he's actually looking to do some races similar to mine, so we might be running buddies of sorts. I have been looking for a weekender and he might be it! He's a little faster than I am, so that's good. Luckily he knows Frisbee and lots of my other friends, so it's a good running match, I think. Drinking a glass of wine and preparing to shower and go out.

Goal Report:
1. Much less sugar! W00t!
2. Finished alll laundry!
3. Cleaned room a bit (more to do tomorrow)
4. Ran!
5. Might read to fall asleep tonight... we'll see how I'm faring then... having a glass of wine now :)

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