Sunday, August 23, 2009

Riding and Eating!

SIGNED up for a tri!! I should probably mention that for a little context. It's a mini!! 1/3 mi. swim, 11 mi. bikes, 3 mi run.

So, yesterday Powderhouse and I got up at 7am to prep for our ride. We had a little apple and pb, and blueberries fresh picked! It was delightful. We headed out with another friend around 7:30. As soon as we got on the path I kicked it up and notch and rode the 11 miles in around 50 minutes. Not bad for tired legs... I need to stretch more!! We swam the mile in pieces- 15 mins/half. So, I think I'm looking around around 10 minutes for 1/3 but hopefully faster. My goal is to finish the run and swim in my triathlon in an hour.

I came home and was totally pooped. I ate half my huge wrap from Dave's Fresh Pasta, then a bunch of candy, then passed out. Luckily my breakfast was my 100% all healthy meal of the day. Later, frisbee and I went out to one of my favorite Mexican places where I got a huge chopped salad with cheese and hotsauce. It was SO good! Happy Sunday morning.

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