Thursday, August 20, 2009

A different kind of day

So far so good. I've eaten a bit too much cereal in the past few days, but I've been balancing out in other ways-- upping my fruit for example. However, I'm learning that I am on a serious sugar binge right now and I need to re-moderate my intake. So that is what I am doing today-the weekend.
Breakfasts: eggs, veggies and cheese! Not cereal (just a little too much refined carbs)
Lunch: Create better salads and I will actually eat them!
Dinners: Mahi Mahi burgers, veggie burgers on whole wheat bread!

I know that my workout schedule is getting better and including more runs so I am going to need to fuel with carbs, I just have to be better about choosing the right ones. Dinner last night = pb & j, milk and chocolate cookies from Trader Joes. Not great, but not terrible.

Today's eats:
Coffee Cake (what ?? stupid office breakfast)
Cereal (so it hasn't been a great day...)

Gotta get back on the veggie track!

Exercise: Swam a good workout for 1.5 hours this morning-- 3300 yards

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