Thursday, August 6, 2009

Counting and Changing

Lately, as I've noted before, sugars have been getting the best of me. Around this time last year I did a low-carb 2 weeks and I've decided to try that again... starting today. That would be NOT yesterday wherein I had cake, ice cream and more... So starting today I'm just going to shoot for the things I allowed myself in those 2 weeks, namely: cheese, meat, eggs, VEGGIES galore! and... no sweets except FRUIT (I'm not going super low carb). I will allow a dark chocolate kiss at night. I'm going to actively try to get this done... we will see. I have a meeting tonight and I'm sure there will be snacks, so I need to just steer clear if I can. Otherwise, life is great. I am excited for the weekend-- Friday might bring a viewing of Julia and Julie or a trip to NH or a party!? Then Saturday is hiking in NH and GRE study and Sunday is a bike ride and hopefully a swim, too. This morning practice kicked my butt but I went a 1:02 in my 100 free time trial! Craziness!

Food so far today:
Blueberries: 150 cals
Lil bite of swiss cheese: 30 cal
Bit of turkey: 20 cal
= 200 cal breakfast, perfecto.

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