Friday, August 21, 2009

Oops... and back on wagon

Did NOT take my advice and had some cereal for breakfast. However, dinner was healthy and delish! Salad with steamed brocc. SO good. So, 300 cals of cereal and I'm ready to go to work. Bringing little snacks to work instead fo a big meal.. I think that might help curb the crazy carb cravings... CCCs.

Breakfast: 300 (cereal)
Snack: 200 (fruit and yogurt)
Lunch: 120 (fiber bar)
-620, a little high...

It probably ended up much closer to 700, which was fine. Especially because I busted out 5 miles at the gym today... outside was UNbearable.

So, next up- dinner! SUSHI! in fact. I haven't had sushi in forever. And it's going to be the FIRST of my new goal series. I know these restarts are silly, and it means I don't stick through with much, but this one I can do. It's 100% healthy, once a day. That's no extra, no dessert, nothing unnecessary. And it's ONLY once a day and can be more if I CHOOSE. That means, the extra HELPING of cereal in the morning would not count, that half (whole) piece lemon cake after lunch! would not count! (that was yesterday.... ). But tonight will be all healthy and I'm excited. I'm excited to do this once a day. Make it count! I want to be ready to fly on my bike ride tomorrow!

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