Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's been a while...

Since the last post. But, that's ok. I've actually been feeling much more on top of things since the disaster of the GRE's that took place on Monday. I'm going to try a bit of an experiement. I've actually been tracking my food for a while now and I'm about +100 calories above what I should be, daily. I want to reign in that last 100. It won't be easy because they happen in small bites here and there. But the goal is NO more eating without a plate and a plan. So, to that end, no noshing whilst cooking, but COOK! I haven't been cooking much, just grilling sandwiches and such, so I need to step back from that, make some stews, and chickpea dishes that will stick around for a while, but I'll handle that later. For now, no noshing without a purpose. Last night's massive amount of food was pretty intense and I still had a huge lunch today. Onwards and upwards.

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