Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 27

Recap: Yesterday was ... ok. I hate a little too much because I was craving the carbs I wasn't "eating." Except I did eat some. I had chocolate.. twice. That might have to be part of this plan... it's just hard for me to totally relinquish it. So I ended up eating:
Egg and cheese wrap (egg whites, 200 cal)
Chocolate covered pretzels (i know... really? 100 cal)
Soup 160 cal (and bite of chili, 40 cal)
500 cal

Then got weirdly hungry after a stgressful day at work. Not great. Had a bit of LUNA cookie thing... and bite of banana.

Dinner was awesome though, salmon, 2 cups of broccoli and pineapple.

De-lish. Also red wine.. not a stellar day, but hit the gym and got in a 1.5 hr workout, so that was a good balance too.

Today's plan:
3 slices of mango
10 mile run
brunch smoothie
Goodwill/Target run
Party time...

We'll see how this goes!

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