Friday, October 2, 2009

28-day Challenge

I'm starting a 4 week challenge. I want to be a little lighter on my feet for my half marathon and so I'm going to try a lower-carb plan for 4 weeks. This does NOT mean no carb, not even a tiny bit close.

Foods allowed:
Fruit (not usually included tons of carbs.. but necessary for a healthy diet of running)
Low-carb wraps


I've just noticed that it's predominantly sugar that is my weakness, my trigger I might call it and I need to reign it in. So that's my plan. Cut out my processed and unprocessed sugar intake and cut down my binges.
Hopefully this helps!

Day 1 (27 days to go) Stats
Wt: 123.4
Pics (taken weekly)
Menu plan:
b: egg whites, cheese on half wrap
l: soup
s: jello cup
d: salad with beans, chicken, avocado and ginger dressing
d: jello cup

Hopefully I can hang with this one. Just 4 weeks! There will be some ups and down, but the point is that I'm not doing some low carb plan that cuts everything out, just a plan that cuts out my triggers.

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